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If you have been recently diagnosed, misdiagnosed, or have been carrying the weight of an Autoimmune disease for way too long we have resources for you to explore.


We have spent years researching and trying different ways of calming and even reversing the debilitating symptoms of autoimmune disease so you don’t have to. Although this information in no way is to be a substitute for your current medical advice and we are NOT advising you to drop your current medication. We believe (under your doctors' supervision) that the information we have acquired to be an invaluable addition to your healing toolkit, may help you reduce your reliance on pharmaceuticals, and will help you on your journey to wellness.


We continue to explore and research different modalities and post our findings through our many media outlets. As a member you not only support our efforts but are privy to all the current and new developing resources we provide. All in one place, at your disposal.


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What's This Podcast About?

Real patients, doctors and shamans share their experiences and difficulties navigating the world of autoimmune. You will hear what's new, working, not working and helpful tips and tricks. 

Emilia - Autoimmune Warrior

Emilia's journey began after lung surgery in 2012 when her MRI came back looking like "someone went crazy on my insides with a razor blade." A few years later she was diagnosed with Lupus, Arthritis and Heart Disease. This was followed by Raynauds Phenomenon which developed ulcers on her fingertips and felt like knives going through every digit in her hands and feet.  

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