Fatigue is not just tired. Fatigue is composed of both physical fatigue and mental fatigue. Unlike being tired, fatigue is rarely resolved with rest or sleep. For many, fatigue significantly affects their daily activities, including the ability to work and spend time with friends and family. Fatigue can lead to depression and diminished quality of life. It may be because the immune system is working all the time constantly putting a drain on the body. Whatever the case may be the result is debilitating and can severely impact the persons quality of life.

To help boost your energy levels and overall health:

These lifestyle changes may help ease your fatigue. Talk to your doctor, If left untreated, fatigue can take a toll on your physical and emotional well-being. Talk to others who have autoimmune conditions as they understand. 


Almost all autoimmune patients suffer from fatigue.

Fatigue is a major issue and one of the most debilitating symptoms of having an out of control immune system. This fatigue is anything but normal. It ican be profound and sometimes prevent people from doing the simplest everyday tasks.

Fatigue is not a 'fuzzy' symptom, it's real. Yet, for too long, it has been ignored and/or misunderstood by the medical community It's difficult for other people to understand pain and fatigue when it can't be seen by others.